Picnic Activities

fun picnic activities

While out on a picnic, there are many things to do that you won’t normally find time to do at home! Try some of these simple but fun picnic activities and be creative, think of some more:

  • Bird Watching - With a Bird field guide about the birds in your area.
  • Drawing – Draw trees, wild flowers, birds or strange little insects.
  • Colour Watch – Lie down on a picnic blanket and count the different colours around you.
  • Take a walk in shallow pebble streams.
  • Search for small wild animals.
  • Collect seeds and beautiful leaves from plants that have fallen to the ground.
  • Play croquet, cricket, volley ball, blongo ball and other fun outdoor games.
  • Try Ice-Blocking! ~ Submitted by Edith (Columbia)
  • Ride your Bicycle.
  • Go on a walking trail.
  • Find the biggest tree in the area. Inspect it closely - what kind of tree is it, what lives in it, what feeds from it, how old is it, how big does it get? Tree field guides
  • Watch the sun set.
  • Practice your photographic skills in nature. Get in the picture! Photograph Yourself
  • Read a relaxing book about nature, waterfalls or something interesting.
  • Take a 15 minute nap.
  • Be still for while, listen to all the sounds in nature around you.
  • No table means no table manners – lie on your back stare at the sky when you eat!

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