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Whether you are highly active or just enjoy lazing around on a picnic blanket, taking various picnic games along on your outing for everyone's enjoyment, always turns out to be the highlight of any picnic.

Since I can remember our summer picnic games always included water, whether it was the sea, a river or a swimming pool. A race of some sorts always took place in the water, followed by a fun game such as water charades or simple water wrestling games such as sitting on a partner's neck and then the teams would try to throw each other into the water. A longest breath under the water contest was always on the cards and a picnic around the water was just not complete if we didn't play "Marco Polo"!

Winter picnic games were played where there were rolling lawns of grass, games such as cricket, baseball, volleyball and simple catch games were played which brought the red back to the cheeks during those cold dreary winter months. When we felt more relaxed but still in search of fun, we would simply lie on our backs, snug under blankets in the fresh open air call out letters of the alphabet and the first person to spot a cloud that looked like something starting with that letter would be eliminated from pouring the next hot chocolate drinks from the hot flask for all. The last one left in the game unfortunately had to get up and serve hot drinks! A scavenger hunt was never out of the question and a fun game of charades out in the open air would attract many friends we didn't know before. It is as entertaining for nearby spectators as for those playing and somehow acting out in the open air gives you far more space and freedom to demonstrate yourself with flair!

Fun Games

Hamper of Picnic Games
This is a printable hamper of games that includes a wide variety of games for the whole family. Kids and adults will all find something fun and entertaining in here.

Kids' Picnic Games Pack
A game pack for younger children. There are times when adults just want to relax and you may not feel comfortable if your kids wander off by themselves. These games will provide them with lots of laughter and joy.

Adult Picnic Games
These printable games for adults are a great addition if you take friends or family along on your outing.

Fun Outdoor Picnic Games

Outdoor games are an absolute must-have for any picnic whether it's just a small family or a large group of friends and family. Individual outdoor games are great but you’ll often find that you will get a lot more millage out of outdoor game hampers that include a variety of games. They usually come in a carry bag which makes transporting and keeping everything together so much easier.


Printable Picnic Games Pack

Picnic Games: Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Picnic Games: Mad Lib Songs

Picnic Games: Tongue Twisters

Picnic Game: Naughty or Nice?



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