Fall and Winter Picnic Ideas

Evening Fall Picnic

The moment summer is over you pack up your beach wear, your patio furniture, and your picnic gear and put them away until warm weather once again descends to your little part of the world. But wait! Before you pack away that picnic gear think about all the fun and adventures you can have picnicking in the fall and the winter. That's right picnics shouldn't just be reserved for warm weather, they make fall and winter weather activities more fun as well. Here are a few cooler weather picnic ideas for your fall and winter picnic.

Fall Exploring Picnics

Believe it or not the cool autumn weather actually makes great weather for picnic planning. Picnics to areas and places you don't often visit in the summer when the weather is hot can allow you more time to enjoy the beautiful fall weather and the awesome color changes of the leaves. Packing up a great picnic lunch of hot apple cider, sandwiches and cookies or cupcakes makes taking that long hike through a nature reserve to a hidden lake or elk look-out a great adventure.

With the leaves turning colors and the air so crisp and clean a fall picnic can be just what you need to get out and really enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of the season. It's an especially great outing for young families and for those guys who want to show the women in their lives their romantic side. She will be thrilled when you pull out that picnic lunch you prepared yourself (or picked up at the local market) and a warm blanket all for her outdoor enjoyment. You may just discover there are some great rewards to picnic planning at unexpected times of the year.

Winter Adventure Picnics

Winter picnics can be exciting as well and picnic lunches actually go well with many winter activities. You can really come up with some great picnic ideas centered on such winter activities as ice skating or that afternoon of sledding. Just pack up a tarp to sit on and fill those thermos with hot chili or thick vegetable soup, and a little hot cocoa and you have all the makings for a really fun skating or sledding party for two or even a whole family. For those who really like adventure why not pack up your picnic and a little firewood and snowshoes or cross country ski to that little visited winter venue and have a hot dog roast with that chili or cocoa.

For those who want a little more romance, why not plan a winter picnic under the stars on some night that isn't 10 below freezing? A short hike with snowshoes or cross country skis to a frozen lake, you can build a fire and snuggle under a fleece blanket while you dine together and gaze at the stars – a sure way to win you a point with that favorite girl.


The truth is that having a picnic any time of the year at any place including your own living room floor can be a fun experience with a bit of imagination and an adventurous spirit. Anytime is picnic-time all year round with a little picnic planning, don't forget the fall and winter picnic in future! Picnic actually means: To have an informal meal outdoors or alfresco. So what are you waiting for? Keep that picnic basket ready and waiting by your door and look for more picnic ideas that come your way. Make sure you share your picnic planning ideas and the opportunities that come your way with us! Don’t be afraid to think up a few NEW picnic ideas of your own.


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