Craft Projects By Age

Here you will find a list of Fun Craft Projects By Age to help you select age appropriate crafts for your kids and yourself.

Most crafts that require a template includes the template as free download. You will need a pdf viewer like Adobe Reader to view the files. Get the latest FREE DOWNLOAD of Adobe Reader here.


Make Beautiful Ladybugs

Create Funny Pebble Faces

Fingerprint "Wonder Worm"

Make 100% Natural Fingerpaint

Make A Fun Play Tin

7 - 11+ YEARS OLD

Create Beautiful Paper

Craft Tools & Materials

How To Make A Scrapbook

Make A Craft Tool Box

Make Pebble Faces

Make Pebble Jewellery

Make Shiny Fish

Make A Fun Shapes Tin

More Pebble Crafts

Thumbprint Art

12 - 88+ YEARS OLD

Create Gift Wrapping Paper

Create The Most Beautiful Watering Can Boxes

Craft Tools & Materials


Eraser Stamps & Printing

Easy Fingerprint Magic

Magical Dollhouses For Your Little Princess

Make Baby Shower Decorations & Invitations

Make Cute Birthday Party Invitations & Birthday Cards

Make Decorative Doorway Danglers

Make Frames

Make Paper Lanterns

Make Party Decorations

Potato Stamps & Printing

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