Racing Games

You can set up a carnival theme party with these traditional fun racing games or simply invite all the families in the road you live in for a fun filled morning or afternoon of races.

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Here are some fun ideas:

Baby or Toddler Race:

Moms stand at the finish line and call their babies or toddlers who are standing on the other side. The first baby or toddler to reach mom is the winner.

Wheelbarrow Race:

Contestants are divided into pairs. One holds the other by the feet and "push him like a wheelbarrow" while he walks on his hands to the finish line.

Three-Leg Race:

Contestants are divided into pairs. Tie a left and right leg of two people together at the top and bottom with string. They must run towards the finish line while they co-ordinate the strides to get there.

Horse Rider Race:

Parents or older children piggy-back smaller children in this race to the finish line.

Needle and Thread Race:

Contestants divide into pairs. One person receive a needle and the other the thread. Everyone with needles stand on one side and the ones with threads stand on the other side, a distance away. Those with the threads run towards their partners on the other side, the partner holds the needle and the person with the thread must get the thread through the eye of the needle and race back to the start. The first person to cross the finish line wins.

Sack Race

Use pillow cases, hessian, garbage or sleeping bags. Contestants get into a large bag and run or hop to the finish line.

Egg-and-spoon Race

Place an egg on a table spoon for each contestant. They have to run to the finish line without dropping the egg. If the egg falls they are out. The first person to cross the finish line with egg on spoon is the winner. This is an old racing game that never disappoints.

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