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Advertise on Fun Stuff To Do where all the fun people meet, laugh, share and buy. Our predominantly female audience from the USA loves to shop via our website.

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Craft Tools | Craft Materials | Fun Stuff To Do

A list of essential craft tools & materials for kids and beginners! We share craft types, techniques and show you handy items you've never considered for crafting. Dozens of modern easy craft ideas!

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Free Template | Fun Stuff To Do

A free template, pattern and tips for craft and every party decoration, card, invitation, box or party hat to start you off with My Polka Dot Maker's printable polka dot paper templates.

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Printable Shapes

Printable Shapes: Alphabetical list of 3D geometric shapes, nets, patterns and coloring pages to print, cut and fold. Can use to create gift box template for crafts.

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Trade Up Game

A teenage game that will entertain the entire neighborhood and leave all waiting in anticipation to hear the outcome. WHAT YOU NEED: A Pencil for each

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Witty Quips | 500+ Wittiest Quips On This Planet

500+ of the most thought provoking cutting-edge witty quips, quotes, funny sayings and proverbs. A selection of over 500 of the wittiest quips ever. Explore the difference between "wit" and "sarcasm".

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Geometric Shapes Worksheets | Free To Print

19 Free geometric shapes worksheets to print, cut, color, outline, name, learn to draw and identify. Basic 2 dimensional shapes, polygons and solid 3 dimensional shapes in easy to understand format.

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Flour Power Game - With Jelly Beans

You will need: Jelly babies or other sweets, Plate or tray, Bowl, Knife Get ready: Use a big bowl and fill it with flour. Then carefully tip the bowl

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20 Fun Teen Party Games - you have to play!

Cool teen party games. Find all the best games teenagers play at parties in one place. Unique fun games, ideas and activities for teenage birthdays, camps, end of year, end of exams.

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Label & Frame | Clip Art

Most popular label and frame clip art sets used for design, print and digital scrapbooking. Personal and commercial use printable fancy shapes to download in transparent png format.

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Pinata Shoppe

Pinata: great fun for parties. Festive piñatas the perfect birthday party decoration and fun party game in one. Find top suppliers here.

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Fun Dance Party Games

WHAT YOU NEED: Space for a large round circle of guests A smaller marked round dance circle Dance music of your choice (with a nice beat!) HOW TO PLAY:

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Top 5 Balloon Games For Teenage Parties

Shave The Balloon What is needed: A balloon for each person at the party A razor Shaving cream Any number of people How To Play: Each person receives

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Enter a fun competition at fun-stuff-to-do. Random monthly competitions exclusively for readers. Check in every month to see who WON and what's up for grabs. Enter for baby, kids, family and friends.


The Trash Can Game

The trash can game is a great to get a party started. First, you need a trash can and some guests of course. Everyone get in a circle (hands connected

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My Favorite Tags and Labels

I thought I would share my favorite tags and labels that I enjoy using on all the special boxes and cards: When you put a template like this to good use,

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Banana Split Surgery Game

This is a banana split game, not the type you hoped for. Also a great team building or get-to-know your group game. Divide into 2 teams. Give each team

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Encore - Sing Song Games

If your group loves music and are all singing rock stars in-the-making, then you will enjoy the teen party game ENCORE. Prepare game cards with words

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Top 10 Good Pranks To Play on Friends and Family

Top 10 list of good pranks to play on friends and family. ALL categories: April Fools, Office Jokes, Brother or Sister, Computer, Camping pranks and many other practical jokes.

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Water Bottle Label Template Free

Create your own water bottle labels for your next party or function with these free templates. Use the transparent template if you would like to add a

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Geometric Shapes To Print, Cut, Color and Fold

Several collections of basic 2D two dimensional, solid 3D three dimensional geometric shapes to print. Designs, patterns to cut, 3D math nets to fold paper models, printable coloring, math worksheets.

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Ladybug | Fun Stuff To Do

Ladybug Party Theme: Create an unforgettable party. Party favors, costumes, balloons, plates, napkins, candles, gifts. Save with our free printable party decorations, printable games and crafts.

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8 Fun Campfire Games Everyone Should Play

Sitting around a campfire or a bonfire with great friends is a soul gratifying pleasure - sharing the most fun campfire games and activities with them are the things everlasting memories are made of.

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Polka Dot Cupcake Wrappers

Very sweet printable polka dot cupcake wrappers with a cute easy to cut trim. Pink, Blue, Green, Purple and Yellow polka dots. Easy "How to make" tutorial included, can fit all cupcakes.

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Show Me The Money Game

Another cool game for a teen party and it is equally entertaining for Christmas or New Years Parties. Here's what you do: Place different amounts of money

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Seed Packet Envelope

Here's a seed packet envelope template in three different polka dot colors, with little butterflies. Another free printable with love and light from us

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Polka Dot Tags

Polka dot tags: another free printable template especially for all our Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+ friends... to brighten up their gift giving!

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My Favorite Name Plates

Unique name plate tags and labels for your gift boxes, favor bags, food tables, banquet tables and books. Resize and personalize by following the tutorials

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10 FUN KIDS PARTY GAMES - You Have To Play!

If it's a kids party, then fun kids party games is a must have. Feeling overwhelmed by all the party game ideas? Here's 10 easy-to-set-up, great party games for kids that everyone will love!

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Funny Things To Say | Funny Sayings | Quips and Quotes

Top 10 Funny Things To Say. Funny sayings for laughs, to save awkward moments or just for fun. Come laugh about the short, cute, upbeat and witty things people say.

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10 ADULT PARTY GAMES To play before you grow old

Unique adult party games and ideas for fun and formal evenings with grown up friends. Dinner and after-dinner, progressive, office, holiday, birthday, and other seriously fun games for your parties.

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Perfect Pranks - Harmless, Funny, Easy Pranks

Perfect pranks - Perfectly painless pranks to play on people! Harmless, funny and easy pranks that promise to have everyone in stitches (wrong word) they are pain free unless you do them over and over

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Easy Crafts for Kids | Creative Fun Arts and Crafts

Fun stuff to do and make. Create arts and craft. A plentitude of high quality easy crafts for kids to make, inspirational and creative ideas + fun projects for age 2-92 yrs young children.

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The Chocolate Game

A very cool chocolate teen party game to play, it is a hit at every teenage party we have put together this year. What you need: Hat, scarf, mittens,

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Fun Games | Free Games | Fun Stuff To Do

Fun Games: The most fun board, card and free games to play at home or after dinner. Find the most popular REAL fun and funny games for old and young. Best reviews, printable games + other free games.

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The Funniest Sayings Ever | Fun Stuff To Do

The funniest sayings ever will make you howl. These hilarious funny sayings are a collection of wit from my friends on my own personal social network pages.

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Silent Charades - Fun Party Game Idea

Silent charades is another fun party game for anyone young at heart. Strut your stuff acting style and find your partner in a group. Learn to play here!

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Free Labels To Print | Fun Stuff To Do

Free labels to print in many colours. Journaling labels, labels for cards or books, food labels, candy or ice-cream labels. Use for decorations, place cards, invitations, scrapbooking and more

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Picnic Resources

Picnic resources: Up-to-date fun ideas, products, equipment, recipes and fun things to make yourself. Picnic baskets and backpacks, waterproof blankets, hammocks, fire pits, picnic grills and more...

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Party Decorations | Free DIY Birthday Party Themes

Free party decorations, ideas, fun birthday party themes and party kits for kids. Do-it-yourself free party printables, games, tags, labels, party hats, invitations, favor bags, banners and more.

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Funny Quips Chapter 2

Funny Quips are simply great if you are searching for a little humor or for more wit than thought-provoking thoughts. Great fun for the whole family. These funny sayings are definite good mood gabble.

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Fun Ideas | Free Fun Stuff To Do

Your fun ideas, fun things you make, party decor ideas, crafts and other fun creative stuff you do that you would like to share with the rest of the world, live on our site.

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Chocolate Cherry Party | Free Fun DIY Parties and Themes

Printable chocolate cherry party pack for girls with adorable Mercedes.Cherry pink, hot pink, chocolate brown and pastel pink polka dots, stripes, butterfly, flower party decorations - free party kit.

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Cute Free Cupcake Wrappers | Decorating Cupcakes

FREE cupcake wrappers with fancy trim that are supper easy to print and cut. Make decorating fun and creative with these cute wrapper ideas to dress-up cupcakes for a birthday party or baby shower.

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Top 5 Dollhouse Kits To Build | Fun Stuff To Do

Very popular dollhouse kits to build if you need creative things to do. This is an addictive craft that easily turn into a permanent hobby if you love to make things.

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The Top 5 Dollhouses For Kids | Fun Stuff To Do

The 5 most popular dollhouses and playhouses have earned their reputation through the fun factor, accessibility, durability, fun components and accessories. Little girls love these little homes.

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Fun Party Games | Fun Stuff To Do

Free fun party games to print for childrens birthdays, holiday or slumber party fun. Uniquely created for kids includes pin and toss games with honey bees, lady bugs, rainbows and flowers.

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Baby sitting activities and ideas, the ultimate fun games for kids, genuine peace of mind for parents, real solutions for sitters! Babysitting made easy!


Bright Polka Dots | Fun Stuff To Do

Bright polka dots to cheer up any event. High quality polka dot templates to print, create awesome goodies the polka dot way. Get FREE templates to create your own great party decorations or sets.

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